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Send your favorite pictures as own, unique "Photo Story Book"!

"Mooklet for iPhone" is an app that allows you to create a "Mooklet", a "Photo Story Book", using your photos and text, that is unique in the world!
Just choose your favorite pictures and create a dynamic photo album in just a few minutes.
Since you can give out your pubished Mooklet as a "HTML5 based web application" via URL, your family and friends can easily look at and install it as native photo book app on their iPhone or iPad Home screen.

*To create and view Mooklets, internet access is required.

Award image On June 5th, "Mooklet for iPhone" won the App Star Award 2012, presented by Appsfire, France. It was chosen from a crowd of hundreds of contenders!



  • Mooklet's screen shot

    Publish Mooklet Photo Book as HTML5 based web application

    "Mooklet" allows you to publish your Mooklet Photo Book as a HTML5 based web application. Since it is a web application, you can easily install your favorite Mooklet on your iPhone or iPad home screen when you access the URL. If you access a published Mooklet from the home screen, you can enjoy it in full-screen mode, just like a native application, anytime, anywhere!

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    Just choose your favorite pictures and title. it's done in just a few minutes!

    You can choose "Manual mode" and "Automatic mode" when you create a mooklet. If you choose "Automatic mode", just pick your favorite photos and Mooklet will automatically choose fitting background textures and layouts and create a Mooklet Photo Book instantly! After that, you can complete it by editing the titles and captions.

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    Simple and powerful editing features

    The design is simple and easy to use! You will never get lost while switching pages or changing background textures and layout. You can choose from 25 different background textures and 28 different layouts. Each layout has a preset animation. You can easily turn the animations on or off with just one touch. Your work will be uploaded to a "Slot", an online storage space for publishing.

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    Rewritable slot feature

    Your work will upload to "Slot" that is an online storage space for publishing. We will give three Free Slots to anyone who creates a user account. A "Free Slot" displays banner ads and can publish Mooklets of up to 24 pages. However, you can reuse it and publish new Mooklets as many times as you want. You can additionally purchase a "Standard Slot" which is ad-free and can hold Mooklets of up to 36 pages.

User's Gallery

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    Online Photo service + Mooklet

    Although photo sharing services such as Picasa, Flicker, Facebook etc. are very easy to use and convenient, they are nothing more than a boring collection of photos. They don't offer memorable photo books that can be easily shared with people. Since you create your Mooklet in the style of a photo book with added text or stories, you can share your feelings with the people in your life.

  • Mooklet's screen shot

    Photo Book service + Mooklet

    If you are using a conventional paper photo book service, it is easy to understand that "Mooklet" is the convenient digital solution. Although paper is not a bad choice, the printing costs are a concern if you want to give it out to many people. Just publish your Mooklet in a Slot, and anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad can install your published Mooklet.

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    Instagram + Mooklet

    Instagram is a great service to help you take and share wonderful pictures. However, it is a little sad that the uploaded pictures will be forgotten immediately. After uploading your photos on Instagram, you can choose your favorite pictures from your device's folder and use them to create a wonderful Mooklet.


  • Diary Mooklet

    Diary Mooklet Sample


    Create a photo album using your own daily snapshots and words. Share the precious moments you spend with your kids with your family and friends, every day.

  • Wedding Mooklet

    Wedding Mooklet Sample

    Wedding Photo+Message

    For your friend's wedding, give them a gorgeous Mooklet with your best wishes.

  • Birthday Mooklet

    Birthday Mooklet Sample

    Birthday Photo+Message

    Create Mooklet from photos and stories of memorable occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

  • Animal Mooklet

    Animal Mooklet Sample

    Pet Photo+Story

    Take a Mooklet of your pet everywhere! You can always look at photos of your best friend on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Picture Mooklet

    Picture Mooklet Sample

    Picture, Illustration+Story

    Create a "moving picture book" in the blink of an eye, using a picture and an illustration instead of photos. With original illustrations and stories, you can have a Picture Mooklet that is unique in the world.

  • Portfolio Mooklet

    Portfolio Mooklet Sample

    Photo, Art, Illustration+Description

    Create your very own animated portfolio by adding your photos, artworks or illustrations to your Mooklet. It can be shared with anyone, anywhere!

  • Travel Mooklet

    Travel Mooklet Sample

    Travel Photo+Episode

    You can easily put together a lively photo album of your vacation to share your pictures and impressions and with your friends.

  • Event Mooklet

    Event Mooklet Sample

    Event Photo+Episode

    For events, you can capture the highlights and the atmosphere of the evening, and send your Event Mooklet to the guests afterwards.

  • Brochure Mooklet

    Brochure Mooklet Sample

    Pruduct Photo+DescriptionA

    If you have your own business, create a Mooklet for introducing your products and services. Customers can view your electronic brochure on their devices!


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