Terms of Use

These Terms of Use agreement (“Terms”) govern your (“user”, “you”, or “your”) use of the Mooklet service (“Service”) offered by the Mooklet Project (“Mooklet”, “we”, “our” or “us”).

Your use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. By using the Service, you agree to be bound by the Terms.

[Your Responsibility]

In using the Service, you take full responsibility for all of your actions and results thereof.

We assume no responsibility for contents of images, texts, and so on you posted using the Service.

It is your responsibility to appropriately back up images, texts, and so on you made using the Service.

[Intellectual Property Rights]

Apart from the rights of contents you made, all the rights (proprietary right, intellectual property right, portrait right, publicity right, and so on) in connection with text data, image data, program data, and other data constituting the Service belong to us or a third party having the rights.

In the event of problems such as infringement to your copyright work by a third party, it is your responsibility to solve the problems at your own cost without imposing inconvenience or damage on Mooklet.


In using the Service, you are prohibited to do the following activities.

If a prohibited activity is done, your use of the Service will be suspended without notice. If we or a third party sustain damage by such a prohibited activity, you will compensate the damage.

You are prohibited to:

- infringe or violate another party's intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark right, and property right, portrait right, publicity right, and privacy;

- diminish another party's reputation and/or credibility;

- transmit and/or post images, texts, and so on deemed as obscene, child abuse, animal abuse, and ethnic/racial discrimination;

- implement a fraud, a pyramiding scheme (endless money chain scheme), other criminal activities, or activities leading to these;

- carry out an election campaign or a similar activity as well as an activity that does not comply with the Public Office Election Law;

- use or provide a harmful program such as a computer virus, or encourage the use or provision thereof;

- use the Service by masquerading another user or a third party;

- attempt/gain unauthorized access to another computer system or network connected to the Service;

- diminish credibility of the Service or perform an activity leading to the diminishing of credibility of the Service;

- obtain a consideration by using/providing the present system;

- fail to comply with laws or ordinances;

- act as we deemed inappropriate; and

- sell/purchase/exchange various types of contents (chargeable contents and other contents) offered within the Service, to/from/between other parties including other users.

[Chargeable Contents]

You can purchase a utilization right for a chargeable content (slot or other contents) at a price set by Mooklet. 

Even though indications such as “Buy” and “Sell” are presented on a screen of the Service, the intellectual property rights and other rights in connection with the chargeable content are not transitioned to you and are reserved by us. You are only given a right for utilizing the chargeable content within a predetermined range. 

Details of a right to be given to you by a chargeable content are set for each content at our end and are displayed on the screen of the Service. A utilization right for a chargeable content without an expiry date continues, in principle, until you stop using the Service or we stop providing the Service. It should be noted that when determined necessary for operation of the Service, we may set an expiry date for any content by notifying you on the screen of the Service one month before the expiry date to be set. In this case, the utilization right for the chargeable content is deemed as being extinguished on the expiry date. No consideration for the extinguished utilization right will be provided in this case. 

Utilization rights for all the contents given to a user ID unused for one year or longer since the last login or a user ID of a user who quits using the Service can be canceled for free of charge at our end without the user's consent. 

Utilization rights for chargeable contents are given based on a user ID as a unit. A user ID other than a user ID given a utilization right for a chargeable content cannot utilize the chargeable content. Further, unless following a procedure we determine separately, you are not permitted to transition or assign a utilization right of a chargeable content to a user ID other than the user ID given the utilization right. 

In the event that a user ID is suspended or deregistered in response to the user's prohibited activity with regard to a chargeable content used by the user, the utilization right will be canceled. No monetary refund will be made even if requested during an effective period of the chargeable content. 

We may stop accepting registration for utilization of a chargeable content or may defer registration for chargeable utilization in any one of the following cases: 

1. Resource for the Service is insufficient;

2. A technical trouble takes place;

3. It is difficult for us to accept and approve the registration for convenience of business; and

4. It is determined that the registration should not be accepted and approved.


We do not guarantee secure storage of your data. You discharge us from any liability for damage resulting from loss of the data stored in the Service. 

We may change, halt, or terminate the Service at any time based on our reasonable decision without notifying the user accordingly. 

We assume no responsibility for the user if we change, halt, or terminate the Service. 

In an unlikely event of a conflict between users, we are not responsible for it. The conflict should be solved by the users. 

[Halting or Terminating the Service]

We may halt all or part of the Service or restrict access thereto in the events exemplified below. 

It should be noted that we are not liable for damage on the user or a third party caused by these events. 

The Service may be halted or restricted in access in the events that:

- a regular or emergent maintenance check needs to be provided to the system that provides the Service;

- the Service cannot be operated due to emergencies such as fire, power failure, natural disaster, war, civil war, riot, uprising, and labor dispute;

- the Service cannot be provided due to deficiency in the system that provides the Service, unauthorized access conducted by a third party, infection of a computer virus, and/or the like;

- the Service is not permitted to be provided as a result of measures taken based on law and regulation; and

- we determine it necessary or inevitable in our reasonable discretion.

When halting the operation of the Service in the above-described events, we will notify you accordingly on the screen of the Service in advance unless it is urgent. 

We may terminate all or part of the Service with a notification thereof being presented on the screen of the Service in advance. 

It should be noted that we are not liable for damage on the user or a third party caused by these actions. 

[Amending Terms and Conditions]

The Terms may be revised and amended based on our determination without your agreement. The amended Terms are also applied to all the relations between you and us. 

When we additionally define details of matters not defined in the Terms, you shall follow them. 

[Laws Applied]

Laws in Japan are applied to all the matters concerned with the Service, including, but not limited to, establishment, enforcement, and interpretation of the Terms. 

Privacy Policy

In accordance with laws regarding personal information, we appropriately handle personal information. We never provide your personal information to a third party without your agreement, unless otherwise defined in laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law.

The Service may acquire an encrypted ID specific to a device. The acquired ID will be used only for operation of the Service.

(Last Modified: 2012.5.30)